Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lacy Crochet Shorts

I was asked to make some Lacy Crochet Shorts
for a Bride and Groom, as a joke/gag gift as their wedding night négligée.

Even though it's a joke gift, I was more than happy to make these
because they work up really fast and are easily
adjustable. I also know how I could make some cute beach shorts
using the schematics from these patterns.

Blue and Tan (Female)
Front View with Tie

Back View with Extra Bottom Room/Rows

Green Shorts (Male)
Front View with Tie 

Back View
There are a few extra rows for room in the green towards the waistband
These ones do not have a centre seam down the front or back
which I thought would be more comfortable if they were to ever be worn.

Both patterns are from Bikini Sandi on Etsy,
although the Green and Tan pair are a free pattern (possibly on Ravelry)

I used Moda Vera Gelato for these shorts, which is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton, as well as a 4mm hook. The waist measurements are roughly the same for each pair, as the couple have very similar body shapes. I added the ties to improve fit if they wear them. 

I think these would look good as beach shorts in more pleasant colours, the request was for Gawdy colours and I think I delivered!

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