Thursday, February 27, 2014

Making Granny Squares with Friends

Two of my friends have been saying they really want to learn to crochet.
So we finally set up a little crochet date so I could teach them.

I brought over some pretty pattern books to show them, as well as my Crochet Bible (which unfortunately for my friends, was UK terms).

I did let them know that there are UK and US terms, and technically we should be using UK terms, but I learnt with US terms, so that's how I'm teaching them. Once you know the different names for the same stitches, it's not hard using both terms.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast they picked it up. After roughly 2 hours (in between making a failed dinner) we all had a three round granny square!

We are already planning more little  crochet dates to keep practicing, with the hope of starting to work in the rounds soon, as they are desperate to start making the toys that I have been making.

Some tips for learning (and teaching) crochet: Be Patient!! Both learner and teacher need to be patient if they truly want to learn.

Keep practicing, after all - practice makes perfect.

And have fun! Don't stress if it takes a while to learn and you feel like you aren't going anywhere. Before you realise, you'll be granny squaring-it-up all over the place!

photo from Instagram - @emilybrooke_m

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