Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Polymer Clay Necklaces

To go with my niece's beanie's 
that I made them for Christmas
I wanted to make them necklaces with polymer clay.

There are numerous websites and you tube videos
of how to use polymer clay
and these necklaces were the very first things
I made with the clay, to see how they would turn out.

This blue necklace is for Isabella to match her Elsa/Frozen inspired beanie.
Using only blue and white I could get 3 colours 
(I could get many more variations of blue by mixing more or less white, but I only wanted 5 beads)

The pink necklace is for Scarlett
and I have used only Pink and White again to get 
the 3 colours

In this close up you can see the imperfect bead shapes
and even my fingerprints on the beads.

I will be buying some additional materials
to assist me with making perfectly shaped beads
without fingerprints as I have fallen in love with polymer clay
and have so many ideas in my head.

On you tube, I found a video for a sliding knot and used this
to close the necklaces as I didn't want traditional clasps
and the waxed cotton wouldn't hold a simple knot.

The sliding knot allows the necklace to be as loose or as tight
as the girls like it to be.
I used Fabric Wash and Wear Glue to strengthen the knots too.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Beanie with Braids

If you remember This Post
I made Isabella an Elsa Inspired beanie
from the movie Frozen with a long
braid down the side.

Knowing how it feels when a sister gets an awesome
present when you don't get the same thing
I decided to make another version for her little sister Scarlett.

This beanie is pink, with a white tiara 
and two yellow/blonde braids hanging from each side.

I've also used glitter glue and some extra glitter
to add some sparkle to the braids and the tiara,
just like Isabella's beanie.

I hope the girls like their Christmas Presents!
Also, I added some extra glitter to Isabella's beanie tiara

Friday, December 5, 2014

Crochet Moose

I finished this Moose quite some time ago
before I moved down to Melbourne
But he was front heavy so I wasn't happy and never took his photo
But I decapitated him and put him back together so he sits 
all by himself now!

For sale in Australia

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crochet Octopus

Here is a cute little Octopus I made
for my Made It Store - Hooky Fun

There are no safety eyes used so it
is completely safe for bubs and kids

Octopus measures 10 inches / 25.5cm tall

Pattern from

Monday, December 1, 2014

Boy Boxy Bunny

Here is another Boxy Bunny
This one is cream with baby blue shorts

Boxy Bunny will be listed in my Made It Store - Chunky Stitches
in due time  available now!

Pattern credit to Minazara
but note I have altered the original pattern