Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Purple Horse

A Purple Horse with Multi Coloured Hair

How cute is this horse!
And it is quite quick to make.

Horse stands almost 9inches tall and is perfect sized for little hands to hold on to.
I put two little 'pantyhose bags' filled with rice to add weight to the base
so that Horse wouldn't fall forward to.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mustard Gold Headwrap

This should come as no surprise
But I've made another headwrap
in Mustard Gold.

I think this one might go into the Etsy
shop to sell as I only made it coz I
loved the colour!

I really do like the look of the ribbed ones I have been making
over the first one I made.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Doll in the Making

I have been searching for a good pattern
to make a doll for a very long time.

I finally found one that looked good and didn't use
tiny little hooks, as these hurt my hands.

I came across Just My Size Sammy on Ravelry
and was instantly impressed.

Here are a few of my progress shots.
The most laborious part is the hair!
I have re-done the hair 3 times so far
and I still don't have a good look!

This is how the hair looked after I made the 'wig cap' and attached stands.
After attaching almost a full head I held her up
and her head just flopped backwards.
I was devastated to say the least.
I really wanted her hair to be down but this method wasn't working
If I were to put her hair up or in some 
'Princess Leia buns' this method would work great

Here is a close up of the hands and her belly button.
I modified these from the pattern - both the 
thumbs and the belly button are just bobble stitches.
I modified the hands little also.

Can't wait to figure out her hair and get some more progress shots!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take Me Back to the Crochet Toys

I love crocheting toys!
Here are most of the toys I have made 
over the last few years.

I am really wanting to make more toys
to sell - either online or at craft markets

This lion is my own pattern

Patterns from Fresh Stitches {{bat, dog, crab, dinosaur, owls, koala's and kangaroo}}

This was my niece Isabella's First Birthday Bear,
She is now missing an ear is is quite 'yellow'
(The bear - not Isabella!)
{{Pattern from Holland Designs}}