Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Secret Project

I'm super excited about this project for several reasons:
** It's not crochet **
** It's yellow and gray **
** It's got polka dots, checks and chevron **

It's a Quilt for another nibling!
(Nibling: collective term for nieces and nephews)

My sister is having her third baby and we don't know what it is
but she has chosen yellow and gray as the nursery colours.

I knew she loved these two colours together 
(because I do as well and we have some Very similar tastes)
so I had already bought some yellow and grey jelly rolls from Craftsy

I have started sewing a quilt with alternating yellow and grey strips
making sure the patterns don't clash too much.

Here's a preview of the first 9 rows I've sewn together

Now the reason this is a Secret Project is that my sister does Not know I am making this.
It is my very first quilt and I wan't it to be a complete surprise!

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