Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yarn Excitement!

Here in Australia, we are not extremely spoilt for choice when buying yarn.
I haven't ventured into too many speciality yarn shops
because those yarns can be pricey and a little bit fancy.

I have always envied Lion Brand's yarn, but the conversion rate
and postage to Australia have always stopped me from buying any.

Until today, when I walked into my chain craft store (Spotlight)
and found Lion Brand Heartland in medium weight and Thick and Quick!

I basically had a heart attack but limited myself to two balls for now, one in Thick and Quick and the other in medium weight to get a feel for how it works up.

Isn't it gorgeous! I got the 'black canyon' colour, which is black with grey twisted through.
I have a chunky beanie with a pom pom is calling it's name.

And another fantastic find was this 10 pack of
Moda Vera Mini's in Cotton Brights!

I can't get over how cute they are and couldn't say no!
They measure 3inches tall, are 10 grams and roughy 26 metres long.

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