Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Boxy Bunny

This is Boxy Bunny
Boxy Bunnies will be limited edition
because I am using leftover bits of yarn
to make Boxy Bunny
so you may not find the same colour combinations available
or the same skirt/shorts etc.

Soon enough Boxy Bunny will
be listed in my Made It Store - Hooky Fun 
Boxy Bunny is 8 inches or 20.5cm tall
and would be easy for little hands to hold

Safety eyes are used, but eyes can be 
felt and sewed on if preferred

Pattern Credit to Minazara
but note I have altered the original pattern

**At the moment I am only posting to Australia
but feel free to contact me
to see if overseas post is viable**

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Movie Inspired Beanie

I bet you can guess what movie the inspiration
for this beanie comes from!

With my niece Isabella
obsessed with the movie Frozen
I thought this would be an excellent idea
for a home-made Christmas Present

Check out my Ravelry Project Page

A photo of Isabella wearing will be added
after Christmas!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My goodness I LOVE Pinterest!
Do you have it and do you also
spend hours and hours on it?

Well I Do!
Usually when I wake up or when I'm eating breakfast, or when I on the couch 'watching' TV, or in bed before I go to sleep, or on my lunch break, or waiting for the train
I'll be browsing Pinterest! 
(That's a lot of browsing!)

And because I have such an amount of pins 
I have recently been re-organsing my boards
to be a little tidier and easier to find pins
when I need to refer to them again.

If you have Pinterest follow me 
and we can be Pinterest friends!