Monday, June 10, 2013

WIP Ripple Blanket

I have finally decided to 
crochet myself a blanket.
I have tried many times before but
always lost interest and have 
never finished one.
This time, I am really excited about it.
It's coming together pretty fast
and my sister is constantly encouraging
me to keep going with it.

So far it's ten rows of red
and in the picture above
eight rows of orange.
I'm doing 10 rows of each colour of the rainbow
as I like the look of chunkier 
blocks of colour.

And this blanket is really wide, like wider than I had planned it to be.
It fits over a queen size bed and hangs down the sides.
I will measure it eventually, but it's wider than I am long. 


  1. It's looking great Emily. I like the colours, and when the whole "rainbow" of colours is done it will look stunning for sure! I wish I still remembered how to crochet, it's been so many years since I did it!

    1. Thanks Sami. It definitely looks better in person and I can't wait to finish it.