Monday, April 20, 2015

Wilbur's Tiny Dog Coat

My future Sister-in-Law got a tiny Fox Terrier for Christmas last year
from her parents and asked me to Crochet him a little coat
to keep him cozy through the cold weather.

When I say he is tiny, I mean he is smaller than most cat's I've seen
and I had to skip 6 rows of this pattern to make it the correct length.
The above photo's are of him on my lap, and he hasn't gotten much bigger!

I used this pattern from Stitch 11, but because I crochet tightly, I used
the recommended hook size, but Wilbur's coat is only 8 & 3/4" long

In order from top to bottom - underneath, top and side views of the coat.
It's stretchy with a gap to avoid mess when Wilbur has a bathroom break!

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