Friday, May 22, 2015

My First Quilt (And What I've Learnt)

Here is my first ever quilt.

I decided to make this for my nephew
when I found out my sister was pregnant towards the end of 2014.

I already had the grey and yellow jelly rolls from Craftsy, I got the fleece backing from Ikea and
the polyester batting and cotton binding from Spotlight.

This quilt took me a long time because I would get discouraged
by curvy lines and minor mistakes, as well as not knowing
whether I wanted to use batting or fleece or cotton.

What I've Learnt:
1) Plan Ahead! I started not really knowing what I wanted the finished quilt to look like. While I might have still changed my mind, a plan would have been very helpful!
2) Quilt's don't need to be this thick! I had to make my binding 5" wide so I could wrap it around but this may have been difficult because I'm a newbie.
3) Go SLOW! Don't rush. Just. Don't. Rush! Simple.
4) As above, going slowly = straighter lines!
5) Fleece would make a suitable batting and backing fabric!
6) And lastly - Practice makes perfect!

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